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Lesson Learned

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I’ve been procrastinating and been too tired to do this sooner due to the changes in my high blood pressure medication.


Today was my breaking point.

This morning, a driver ahead of me in a Buick Encore was almost nailed in a traffic circle because a Nissan Sentra driver wasn’t paying attention and didn’t repeat the right of way with vehicles already in the traffic circle.


At lunch, I almost got nailed by a Ferd F150 who didn’t even bother to check that I was already in the traffic circle. The guy was so oblivious that I’m glad no pedestrians we’re around.

Finally, I watched an asshole in a poorly maintained early 00's 4Runner use a right turn only lane to jump traffic, then tailgate a Subaru Forester that was trying to get out of this asshole’s way. He was so impatient that he swerved from one side to another to get around the Subie, then got along side of it to push it out of the lane. Then when the Forester drive tried to correct himself back into the lane, the asshole brake check him! He brake checked a Forester driver with 2 passengers, one being a young kid!!! Luckily we were at a point in the road that went from one lane to two for a 1/4 mile. I gunned it to get in front of the asshole to allow the Forester to pull away and go about their business. Once they pulled off to go in the opposite direction, I went the other way with the asshole in tow. And with the lane opening from 1 to 2, I let him go flying pass me.


I just wanted to get home safely.

This dashcam is getting installed tonight!

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