Yes, that includes the tin snail 2 CV and its posh brother, the Dyane.

Not surprisingly, the narrators put a whole lot more emphasis on active safety ā€“roadholding and handlingā€“ than passive safety. All CitroĆ«ns were always pretty good at the former: like a DS, a GS won't flinch during a blowout.

Crashing's a different matter, but it's not too bad, considering. Though they've clearly selected the best shots, I think those little 2CV boxer engines do seem to drop to the floor while the bonnets absorb the impact by crumpling. Still wouldn't want a DS t-bone me in a Dyane, if it's all the same.

It's also an interesting snapshot of where we were circa 1970-1974: they did have crash test dummies called Oscar, some analogue electronics and even a very early airbag in an SM.


Before you get your polyester shirted boom chakka groove on, beware that some more SMs were harmed in the making of this video.