"Let it snow" indeed.

Freezing rain all night. Woke up to a sheet of ice covering the car and all the roads. Good job Wichita, salting for a 30 degree evening totally unnecessarily but doing absolutely nothing to prepare for something we knew about two days ago. Oh well. How does the XJS do on ice? Surprisingly well owing to the LSD and long wheelbase and a lot of right-foot control.


Here’s a neat thing! My 2011-era ASUS Transformer Pad TF101. Thanks to the wizards on XDA-Developers this thing is rooted running Android 6.0 (up from Android 3 stock). I installed Android without any Google apps (play store, maps, chrome, etc) instead opting for far lighter-weight open source alternatives from F-Droid to be as easy on the ancient 1GHz Tegra chipset as possible. Loaded up a PDF reader and the Jaguar service manual and this thing is good to go as my shop bitch!

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