I miss the days of Porsche having to make GT1 Strassenversions (I think that was the name) and Mercedes-Benz making CLK-GTRs and McLaren being fucking nutty and doing the complete opposite by equipping their road cars for racing (the F1 becoming the F1-GTR).

GT1 and LMP1 both died (if there’s only one manufacturer left in a class I think we can declare it dead) from incredible costs. Why not do the McLaren thing and equip road-ready cars (even if that means un-equipping a lot of things) for racing?


They’re already doing it with AMG GT, 911, V8 Vantage, 488, and so on. Why not do it with the hypercars? Why not race the Project One, the Senna, FXX-K, and all that shit while they’re lightened even more and given more power?

Manufacturers are going to make these flagships anyway, and what a great marketing exercise to see your greatest machines fighting against the other manufacturers (unless you made the world’s shittiest greatest machine). Costs will rise, but manufacturers are going to make the road cars anyway to sell to the world’s .01% anyway who are ready to pre-pay absurd prices purely based on the concept.

The world’s richest would be crowdfunding (at this level they’ll just call it “investing in”) top-tier motor racing -this wouldn’t help Formula One, but I think this is what the WEC needs to do. The difference between my idea and the previous GT1 class is that the road cars are adapted for racing. Rather than throwing indicators and plates on what is quite obviously a racing car and calling it road legal, we should take barely road legal cars and make them super road-illegal (or, in Pirelli Nomenclature, hyper-illegal).

Imagine if a series was in place for the 918 Spyder, LaFerrari, and P1 was in place, all with different hybrid solutions. Heck, let’s have a Zonda Racing (fuck hybrid let’s just stick an AMG V12 in it and make the most beautiful racing gear levers known to mankind) and Koeniggsegg Racing Research (fuck gearboxes! do engines even need camshafts? fuck pistons, too!) and Rimac Racing (DNS: Richard Hammond crashed our car).


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EDIT: some guy once said write drunk, edit sober. I think it’s best to both while just bordering drunk territory.

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