Let me cast you a question.

I know a bunch of you are cast-iron aficionados, like me. I use mine for pretty much everything. My mom found a bunch of vintage stuff from the 20s-40s (Google says it’d easily be worth $500 apiece, based on eBay sales) for like $25 for the lot. That’s like hipster-cred shit, I know. Some people will pay a lot of money for vintage stuff. Some people will pay crazy money for new things, like the Finex above.

Who wants a handle condom?

Some people are fine with Lodge (most of mine are Lodge, and they’re... good enough, after a couple years of use). But I want better. And I know better can be done. So let’s contemplate the weight.

Personally, I’m not gonna do anything with enamel. I hate that shit.

Fuck enamel.

But, here’s the thing. If you (yes, you) were to list the things you wish you could change about a cast-iron skillet, what would you change? Because some people, like me, want more. If we’re talking about the centerpieces of the centerpiece of your home, the kitchen, and you want something that will last beyond your lifetime, what would you want?

What if you could make some cast iron that didn’t have to use the thousands-of-years-old molding rules? Like, printed sand casts, so the surface is nice and satiny like the good, old stuff, but without requiring sanding. Manufacturing methods are a wide-open field, now. Technology has to be good for something, right? I want to put it to good use, and make it all here in the US.


‘Cause I have this idea. I want the 12" (starting size; if it works, I’d like to expand) iron skillet that will hang, won’t burn my hands on either end, pours out at more ergonomic angles... I’m thinking out loud in pixels, here, because I had this thought, have this love, and did some research in the dark of this morning. I’ve got the resources, I just need input.

Lemme know.

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