Get to know me:

Hello everyone my name is Miles Smith! My family is a owner of a Ford dealership in Southern California and we have tons of cars (mostly Ford's haha). So I am only 17, but have driven about every car in family ranging from our two beautiful Ford GT's through our Ford Raptor or GT500, I daily drive a 2002 V6 Mustang which I bought myself(yes I know a V6 sucks but i couldn't afford anything else). I work at our Ford Dealership and am around Ford's all time so I can answer pretty much any question on a recently new Ford.

The Cars:(well some of them)

My Daily Driver 2002 V6 Mustang:

One of our Ford GT's:


Our 2007 40th Anniversary GT500 signed by Carroll Shelby:


Well i don't really know how to write up posts like this and i'm sorry that this is really short ill get better i promise! If you have any questions about the cars or me please feel free comment and ask me, and ill give a detailed explanation. We also have many more Ford's so if there's one that you think we might have just ask anyways! Also thank you very much Oppo for having me here im glad that I could have this opportunity to talk to you guys are share my family's vehicles!