The interior has been worked on a bit, dash cap. I polished the glass. That wheel is an old Toyota actually and a restored 240Z wheel is coming. Original engine and tranny rebuilt, I thought they changed the tranny but it is just very clean. Working a bit on the rear end, new panel and the light panel needs to be sanded and painted. Dog legs have been painted quick to match, actually doesn't look bad for a few minutes work and a couple coats. I shot some clear coat on there as well to keep it good until the car is painted someday. All the rubber and poly bits underneath are done. Undercoated the car, hard to see as the car is so low. Oh there is a new exhaust tip welded on there, what else, no aluminum radiator yet. It sounds great, we have driven it a lot since yesterday morning. I have to rotate an exhaust clamp because its the only thing that hits the speed bump a little. The seat belts are much more livable, the carbs are quite on or off, we have been playing with the throttle springs, its quite lively but its getting better and we are getting used to the car. Oh, the spook BRE air dam is not on yet, have some work to do on the lower valance.