If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

let me play you the song of my people


in preparation of spending more time in the engine bay, I removed accumulated detritus. It is sad that the engine bay was cleaner than the inside of the car


do you see it? do you see the one aluminium engine mount that was used to help keep weight down on the VX so it can get it’s 40+ mpg?

and a dyno run for emissions. I’ve NEVER seen a faster test. He was literally just getting the rollers running, hadnt even got up to speed when the computer said “complete due to fast pass criteria”.


then, relaxing with an ice cold milk. which fits PERFECTLY in the oragami cupholders. but, as one would expect, the cupholders feel as week as they look; like folded paper


see that aftermarket head unit? well I did previously say that my cars only real “feature” was a dome light, so was I lying when I didnt mention that bad ass cd playin beast? no... because it has been randomly selecting which speakers play sound after each and ever bump in the road. so, not a feature.

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