If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

Let me tell you a funny short story.

So I was with my wife yesterday when she was training. I was not right by here but I was close enough to hear the whole thing. There is an older guy that trains at the same place she does and he is sort of an ass. He as bragging about his '67 Camaro............blah blah blah. But what he did not expect was 2 things. My wife and he coach are both mid level car people. So the coach started asking all sorts of quesions about the Camaro because he was actually interested and wanted to know more and this is where to cracks start to show. The guy acted like he knew everything about cars and his Camaro but he did not even know the differences between the '67 and the '69. Then! This is where it gets good, my wife said, "Yeah, we have been looking for a couple of 240zs to start working on." His response was....."Oh yeah, those have a rotory......that shit will last you forever...." I saw my wife's eyes go from o_o to o_O to O_O and then she turned to me slowly and just slowly shook her head and just walked off away. She then walked by me and said, "That shit will last you fooooorrrrrever." I died laughing, my side hurt. I had to leave the building.


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