The leading candidate for Neil-responsible-car has been a BMW X1. It’s a high riding, 3 series based, hatchback. Good space, decently fun, good gas mileage.

And i like the look and ride height of the sport package; and prefer the sport seats. But finding a car with the sport package is nigh impossible. Especially on the 28i, which is more in my price range and quite frankly I’d appreciate the fuel economy.


Well; there are a pair of sport E90 seats available locally for a bargain; and there are a bucket load of aftermarket suspension options.

Accepting that I will just get creative to make the car mine opens up my options. And I sent off a message to a person with a Orange X1 this morning that’s in my price range. This isn’t it but this is a lowered(too much) orange x1:

Illustration for article titled Let’s get creative on this

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