Let’s play a game: Guess the estimate

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Oppo is slow tonight, so let’s play a game.

Preface: I don’t know what it’s going to be, though i have an educated guess.

Last Friday I was involved in a very minor rear-ending. Car behind me saw the car in front of me complete a left turn and, instead of waiting for me to make my left, just decided to accelerate into me. Both of us are fine and i am uninjured.


My vehicle: 2011 535xi, 127k miles

Damage: slightly dented bumper (see pic) plus headrest airbag went off and perhaps seatbelt tensioner pyro. It’s fine to drive, except that the headrest is way into my personal space and the dash has so many red lights cause SRS.


Estimate: I’m gonna leave that up to you. Plus the over/under on whether it’s gonna get totaled over this relatively minor issue.

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