Illustration for article titled Let the 12 Hours of NY Auto Show begin!

7:30am: Start walking over to the Javitz Center

8:00am: Wait in the early access line for one damn hour

9:00am: RUN TO THE SUPERCARS to get clean photos before people clutter up the backgrounds


10:00am: The riffraff arrives

12:00pm: My friends wake up with a hangover

1:00pm: My friends text me to say they’re running late. I buy a $12 hotdog and eat it in the back seat of a Buick Cascada

2:00pm: My friends finally arrive and we do car show things

3:00pm: I get bored and start checking out Mr Regular’s tiny wooden homes

4:00pm: Bored as shit. When does the Jalopnik Showdown start?

5:00: Passed out in a Mitsubishi

6:00: Realize that Torch probably wrote the trivia questions. I start brushing up on pre-War French hood releases, and classic Beetle taillights by model year.


7:00pm: Jalopnik Showdown

9:00pm: Leave NYIAS and go watch Fate of the Furious.

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