I don’t care that it was 31 yesterday, or that so much mixed precipitation came from the skies that my kids had school cancelled. I started perusing CL for boats. Not at all because I need one; quite the contrary. No, I just like looking at what floating money pits people are pushing on others, as the sun starts to come out and the ice melts, and people’s tax returns are burning a hole in their pockets and they think, “Hey, I bet it would be fun to pick up a cheap boat to tool around in this summer! Let’s see what’s on Craigslist.” A story that ends most often with, “I can’t wait to sell this POS!” There’s an adage that goes, “The two happiest days in a man’s life are when he buys a boat, and when he sells that boat.

Here you have our first installment: “Cheap Boat” is literally the title. However, there’s no price.


LOL “This is a boat that floats*... only flaws are it needs to be cleaned which should be a 2 weekend job.”

*I’m not 100% sure about that

**Umm. May I?


I mean, it might need *one or two* other things. It looks like it’s been abandoned in someone’s yard for at least a few years since there was a Bush in the White House. The interior is garbage. The structure under that is probably questionable. The engine *might* run, but not without a bit of love. OH and the windshield is broken, the trailer that looks like it should be included, isn’t, and it’s a total no-name brand I’ve never heard of.


The prop is banged up and the drive is held up by a string. If the hydraulics were working, that wouldn’t be there.

I wonder if he’ll take a half-finished PBR tall boy in trade? Nah, I’d rather have half a cheap beer than any part of that thing.


Maybe I’m being too harsh, I’ll find a less-easy target next time.

This has been an episode of Boats of Craigslist, brought to you by my years in the marine world where I witnessed first hand the terrible build quality issues in even the nicest boats we handled.