Take it to the track. Everyone around here says it, but how often is it actually followed through with? I for one do not follow this rule, this may out me as some sort of heathen but it is true. I have never been to a track day, never done auto-x, rally-x, or anything of the sort. Don't get me wrong I would love to but I am currently an intern and make shit for money, meaning I rarely have any to spare.

What is some like me to do? I do a bit of hooning on the roads. Yes, public roads. Now it may not exactly be hooning and more of spiriting driving, I can't tell what the dividing line there is. With that being said, I am not out there going 80 around every corning, crossing lines, breaking traction at every possible point and so-forth. I do follow a few simple rules that I have never tried to actually think about let alone write down.

  • Never cross the line
  • Only push it when you can see that ahead of you is clear
  • Don't go fast in to blind corners
  • Try to go on the more secluded roads where there is less chance of cars
  • Never go fast on a road you don't know
  • Don't go above your limit, keep it reasonable
  • Don't go fast when there are houses/driveways lining the street

There are probably more that I abide by when driving but I have never actually written them down before so this might be an abridged version. Let it also be known that this is not saying that I go driving around like this every time I am out on the road, just when I want a bit of fun.


I leave you with this video from yesterday.