Before EL_ULY comments "drive free or die", I want to state that I don't have a problem with Prii or other hybrid cars. They are practical, and such advancements in technology are probably necessary in todays society. Because of their proven success and popularity, we have had some of our favorite automakers make bat-shit crazy cars with this witchcraft tech.

As someone who loves cars and driving, I will say I have driven a Prius. And, while very unsatisfying, I definitely see the strengths of it. It's a mode of transportation, for people who see cars as just that. I'm not saying that those are the only types of people to buy them, but I doubt anyone reading this has purchased one. You get the point.

So, why am I ranting, well, it's people like this. I don't really need to say much because this topic has been exploited quite well (South Park S10 E2). Unfortunately, not well enough some might argue. But, to that I say, drive free or die!

Thank you for reading and enjoy

And, for those wondering what South Park is, or what the episode is about

Thank you to stuttgartobsessed for mentioning this video, unfortunately I watched it.