Well I am one week away from acquiring my new car and I'm stoked. I have been carless since the end of January and it's been awful! Having to bum rides, cant go any where alone; not to mention I just love driving! Well I have done want I needed to to get back on the road and the day draws near when I will return to the road! it's all so very exciting if not also a little over whelming.

Why? well to be frank the car is a solid 70% car. It's mechanically tight. I have all the documentation and it has been very well taken care of. Well in that sense. the body has a few nicks and scratches. nothing terrible. will probably respray a few spots next year as there is one small spot of rust in the wheel wells but the under side is fairly clean. this is a northeastern car so it happens. the real issue is the interior, it's got bruises. the current owner uses a wheelchair and he just tosses it in the passenger seat. so yeah I need to replace a few trim pieces here and there. but the price is right and she only has 81k on the clock!

SO I guess the reveal.

I snapped these at work one day so yeah she's a bit dirty. and yes I know I know not a STS, expensive to fix, blah blah blah. I love these cars it's a mental disorder. They are great high way drivers and are wonderful for road trips. not terrible MPG either. No photos of the interior and honestly it's probably not that bad really minus the right center pillar cover trim. thats fucked. and the driver side interior door panel needs to be replaced to as it's also fucked on the bottom. it's a car that I will love (not my first but my 4th.) and it's so sound in every other way. I can't wait to get it to where I want it to be!


I got this for my birthday as well! haven't decided where it will go yet.