As you guys may remember from when I got my A8, or when my dad got his X3, my family’s motto when it comes to test driving cars is “early and often”. 4-6 months out is usually when we start hitting the dealerships, largely due to the sheer variety of different cars we are interested in. The fact that I’m away at college only slightly hampers things. He’s decided that while I’m back over the weekend, he wants to go look at not one, but three different Equuses/Equui/Equuosus. We’ve far from made a choice, but he agrees that a used Equus is so much car for the money that it would be almost silly not to buy one. We looked at one for my grandpa before he bought his DTS, and liked it then. I will report back with what conclusions we reach.

On another note, only one of you recommended my post about finally getting my first car? To that one lone soul, thank you. The rest of you suck.