Let There Be Cool

The keen observer will note that I already disconnected the low side before thinking to take a picture.

Despite spending just shy of 8 hours in-travel coming home from a work trip this morning (I got up at 2:45am...) I decided it a good idea to make sure the A/C in the rx-7 is still working, since the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix is tomorrow and I’m going. Naturally, it was low on refrigerant (no surprise to me) so after adding a can it was a hair low, but close enough (the low side was a little low, the high side a little high, we’ll call the dP good enough).

It also was kicking the idle as if it were short cycling, which by pressure it shouldn’t have been. After some troubleshooting (bypass pressure switch = still did it; unplug compressor clutch = still did it) I tweaked the adjustment on the vaccum-driven kicker (you know, to bump up the idle when the a/c is on) and it stopped; it must have been adjusted too far and leaking past the old, probably failing diaphragm.


In any case, it works well now and will be Good tomorrow. All it took was an hour and a half working over a hot engine bay on a 90 degree (heat index 109) day!

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