I finally got a new bulb for the old rotobeam. It only took ~15 years... the bulb died and it ended up in the bottom of a drawer.

It’s certainly an odd flashlight...

Speaking of bulbs, I threw in some new bulbs for the front side markers and clearance lights on the Forester. Both applications take a 168 wedge bulb, or a W5W bulb, depending on where you’re located.


One of the clearance lights started acting up in cold weather back in January, then both started to act up within the past week. Picture from January... parking lights on... tapping on the headlight assembly brought it back, at least at the time.


The clearance lights are very convenient to access on this car...

The front side marker lights aren’t too bad, either.


Three of the four bulbs were OEM with 10 years and ~110,000 miles on them. Incidentally, the OEM bulbs are made by Toshiba;

I picked these bulbs up for real cheap online, so we’ll see how long these last. I’m guessing not 10 years. The tag lights also take a 168 bulb, and I got some to replace those, too. Time to break out the JIS screw driver...