In Japan, the Infiniti QX4, a.k.a. gussied-up Nissan Pathfinder, was sold as the Nissan Terrano Regulus. Thereā€™s a Nissan badge within the oval shape of the Infiniti badge on the grille. It also came in a spiffed-up version from Autech, one of Nissanā€™s in-house tuning divisiotns.

The Autech Nissan Terrano Regulus StarFire 4x4 RS-R doesnā€™t have any performance improvements over the regular Terrano Regulus. But it does have an awesome body kit including a new front bumper, running boards with side skirts hung below them,Ā huge fender flares rear bumper skirts, a silly rear wing; a front fender mirror; unique (but not any bigger) wheels; and the piece de resistance 90s-tastic STAR FIRE decals.

According to this brochure for the 2000 model year, this trim level may also involve some sort of upgraded suspension and muffler.


The Autech Nissan Terrano Regulus StarFire 4x4 RS-R obviously needs all that extra downforce that the aero bits may or may not actually provide, because it has the same 3.3 liter 170 hp V6 as the regular Terrano Regulus. Who needs ground clearance anyway?

Its looks only improve when adding these gigantic mad tyte JDM y0 window visors.


And like I said, no need to worry about ground clearance, the Autech Nissan Terrano Regulus StarFire 4x4 RS-R is still totally capable off road. Look at it traversing this highly technical off-road path.

Time to start adding it to your JDM import calendar for 2022!