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Let's all say a little prayer

For my friend, who is on his way home with his family from Florida right now, and driving through the state of Virginia en route back north to Connecticut, let us pray.

May he not drive over eighty, but no less than seventy, and receive no troubles from the smokeys, speed nazis, Buford T. Justices, Rosco P. Coltranes, Jefferson Davis Hoggs, and other branches of Virginia law enforcement on the search for “them reckless whippersnappers” driving at a speed that is reasonable and prudent for a super-highway on a clear Sunday afternoon, and may he and his family not experience any extraordinarily heavy traffic on their day of travel, we pray, amen.


This is what they’re driving (not their actual car, but an identical one found online) Pretty spry, for a wagon of its size, I’ve got to say. Butt dyno says it’s about equally quick, if not faster than my friend’s A6 Avant 3.2, and it makes quite a lovely noise, too. Welp, back to my homework until I become distracted again..

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