As a villain you, undoubtedly have appointments and carefully planned schedules that must be kept. Therefore a ruthless efficiency in travel is a must for the well heeled mastermind. Now normally a distinguished Villain leaves the actual driving to Those lowlier than themselves and prefers to keep his mind occupied on the master plan whilst lounging in great comfort. However certain situations necessitate the need to drive oneself.

Just like anything else, mind you, to do so without proper knowledge and etiquette is beneath you and not suiting a proper villain. Therefore, as always, to maintain the ability and inclination to comport yourself in a way that is both intrinsically wrong and yet deeply, beautifully right we shall re view a few points that need to be considered.

How you drive

Let us make one thing clear; You are a villain of great class and distinction. Your net wealth is greater than the vast majority of third world nations and a few first world nations. So to have the same driving manners and habits as the teen mom sexting in the SUV next to you is shameful! You may have to share a motorway but certainly not your outlook on the world.


That means that while you are driving, your focus is about getting to your destination as safely and as brutally quickly as possible. Don't be distracted behind the wheel. You are not a goldfish after all.

To be a better driver one would suggest attending a racing school. There mastery of car control and the ability to drive even faster and more efficiently awaits you. This will aid in you being the master of your vehicle and will cut down on those embarrassing accidents when you are in the middle of your hostile overtake takeover.


Another thing to make sure you do for maximum pedal-to-the medal-ness is to stay to the right lane until you need to pass somebody. when you do need to pass some economy car driving peasant use your signal. this flashing light alerts them to the danger behind them and reminds them to stay out of your way.

What to drive.


When you are driving yourself you don't need to worry about back seats. Yes, there are a plethora of vehicles you can chose from but very few you should chose from. The vehicle bust be understated yet flashy, with a presence of it's own to complement you very imposing presence. The vehicle above fits nicely with that theme. This monster has the ability to scare little children whilst being both reliable an unequivocally fast, winning overall consistently.


Another Brilliant car you must consider is the Jaguar F type.


Renown the world over for sounding like greater gods gargling Thor's hammer in a volcano of... well you get he picture, it will get you there swiftly and will look absolutely stunning when you get there. not to mention its reasonable price tag.

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