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Yes USA, you’ve done some shitty stuff. But we cannot forget the great things the country has done.

You guys landed on the moon
You guys defeated the Japanese empire
You guys created the atomic bomb
Your country, even under the guidance of Trump, is still a leader in multiculturalism
You have good stuff going on for ya’ll. Nowadays states show their true autonomy by passing sanctuary laws and protecting safe access to some medical practices.
You guys are leaders in medical research
Thanks to stuff like the Marshall Plan, European countries today enjoy great democratic systems and strong institutions.
America is still the country to go to for anything and everything. Given the background, the wealth, and the sheer scale of the US, it is probably a paradise for consumers. Do you need authentic food from an obscure Eastern European nation? You’ll surely find it in America! You want ethnic clothing from the Mongolian empire, also, AMERICA.

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