If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

Let's design a Lincoln Coupe

Well now that Lincoln is attempting to do something with themselves, let’s speculate a potential Flagship Coupe.

My submission I call the MKE-III.

The MKE is the return of Bespoke Lincoln pointing the American bonnet at England.


Propelled by a 1.3 liter dual turbo four sending power to the front wheels with an estimated output of 350 BHP will be the first Lincoln to also offer an electronically assisted AWD mode. Each of the rear wheels will have an 80 Horsepower electric Motor powering them 60% of the time or as needed.

The car will have three modes. City, Town, and Open.

City: using only electric would limit power to extend range to a potential 45 mile range on battery

Town: automatically engages when batteries are low, turns into a Hybrid to extend range and limits power to 300 HP.

Open: Full throttle all 530 Horsepower will be available to using a torque vectoring technology that sends 60% of power to the rear wheels for maximum stability.


Will be the first to employ an autonomy assist mode for speeds in the 5-25 MPH and 45-85. MPH range. For traffic and highway use.

Your turn oppo

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