Illustration for article titled Lets face it, therell never be another RX-7.

As far as the car scene goes, it honestly feels like time is running out. Autonomous cars march ever closer, automakers are obsessed with pumping out ever blander crossovers, and stocks of 90s JDM metal aren’t going to last us forever.


If you’re in the market for an affordable but powerful Japanese two door, your options are... the 370Z. It’s long in the tooth and not particularly quick by cutting edge standards, and beyond that you’re looking at GT-R or NSX money. Mazda, Mitsubishi, and Toyota have all left this realm, with the new Supra the only hope on the horizon, again likely well beyond a reasonable price point.

In this climate, the idea of Mazda launching a new rotary powered platform is simply ridiculous. It’s just never, ever going to happen. I know, I’m hurting too.

I sorta have this dream that late in its life, we’ll be blessed with either a turbo or rotary ND MX-5. A proper one, with big power, not like the NB special editions.

Yes, it would be somewhat heretical to the heritage of the model. I’ve long thought that the MX-5 is slow on purpose because it’s largely bought by old men with toupées who don’t want to get scared when they brush the throttle.

But it would be a glorious way to end the age of internal combustion. It’s pointless to even consider a rotary, really. They’d never pass modern emissions standards, but damn, imagine what the world would be like if the rotary had another 30 years of development behind it.


The only legitimate way I could see the MX-5 getting big power would be if they somehow got a hookup from Ford with the Ecoboost. That I’d like to see, very much.

Anyway, don’t mind me. Just dreaming out loud on a Saturday morning...

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