If you want to join Oppo you can register your interest at a club opening. Unfortunately this doesn't cross over to Jalopnik. I know the authors of the front page do wonder on here from time to time since they keep sharing posts, so why isn't there a club opening for Jalopnik. Is it really too hard for the authors on the front page to create a monthly post where those left to waste away in the grey zone are given a chance to join in on the conversation.

So mods of Oppo I assume you have some form of direct communication with those in charge of Jalopnik, so could you please put forward this idea to them.

Update: This ain't happening. There is neither the time nor resources for them to check everyone who wants to join. The mods have told me the best solution is to keep posting and hoped to get notice or to just straight up beg.

My advice, just write a post on Oppo about some cars you can buy for whatever reason and make sure it is long, has some pictures & links with an interesting opening, the rest of the article doesn't matter neither does the cars you have selected apparently just make sure it is long and before you know it you have been front paged and can join in on the conversation.