Let’s start with an appropriate picture(one that used to be my avatar).

I have a plan for this week and it all hinges on one thing. That thing being my landlord’s handyman actually showing up and fixing our garage door. He’s not the most punctual guy and he had to order the part, earlier last week. So here’s what I need to accomplish this week:

  • Get Taurus into my garage
  • Jack up front end
  • Replace wheel hub assembly, rotors, & pads
  • Drop front, jack up rear
  • Detach and drop fuel tank
  • Install new fuel pump, hoping I ordered the correct part
  • Reinstall tank, hope everything works
  • Buy broken down Jeep
  • Somehow get said Jeep home
  • Pray to all that is good that car works so I can drive to Indy Friday for my Valentine’s Day plans

There are only two bullet points that cannot be accomplished and everything still work. Tad bit stressed at this point about that. Mainly I’m concerned that I’m going to get the wrong part, have to buy the more expensive one at the parts store, and have to ship the ordered one back.

Wait! I forgot something

  • Have interview for a job I really want

I think if I get it I’m going to buy myself a nice Subaru, no more POS’