We are back with more carspotting in the Past! (I have unilaterally decided to put this back at the top. 50 views? c’mon!)

Part three! The first can be found here and the second here.

This remarkable vintage book* was picked up at a library sale by a sibling, and is now my favorite picture book. Why? It is a guide to the brave new world of color photography, using examples taken by a team of professional photographers on a continental (and American) adventure. Better yet, it is set in the colorful, colorful world of 1972!


*All images are copyright 1972 by Hamyln House and taken by Van Phillips and Owen Thomas. I do not own the right to reproduce these photos. The publisher still exists, but I can find no mention of this book online. It is unlikely that they renewed the copyright this long out of print, since color photography needs no introduction; I don’t think they would mind me sharing a few partial images online after 50 years has elapsed. Please tell me if you have any information regarding this. Enjoy.

This bustling town square is quite colorful, between the vibrant outfits and bright commercial liveries. I especially like the simplistic blue and yellow design on that van.


Imagine the chaos if a modern supermarket parking lot had as little direction as this one. I am having trouble identifying that white tailfinned machine and that swoopy 50s design behind it. Update: the swoopy car is a Renault Dauphine! So close. the tailfinned sedan is a Fiat 1800. Thanks, Rallydarkstrike! In the background, another Fiat Millecento (white with black stripes underneath statue), which Rallydarkstrike pointed out to me in the first edition of this series. There is a light cream colored Ford Anglia to the left of the Beetle convertible abutting the Millicento.


That lovely red Volvo Amazon sedan (with one black door) really stands out in this colorful waterfront scene. Anyone recognize that white car rapidly escaping above it?

I can get several more posts out of this book, but the cars will be increasingly in the background; Not many pictures in this book feature vehicles prominently. Whataya think?

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