Confess your automotive sins here and all will be forgiven or mocked mercilessly through GIFs.

If I ever bought a 7 Series, it would be an E65, because of the rear end. I genuinely like how it looks, even though I think the hood is too stubby and short.

I think the new Prius is horrible, but I’m always happy to see one in traffic, because at least it isn’t another nondescript econobox like almost everything else in its segment. It’s horrible in the way that 90s cars used to be horrible, not horrible in the “oh god, is that a Trax? Life has lost all meaning” sort of way.


I hate diesels. My least favorite thing about traveling abroad is being somewhere where everyone drives diesels like Spain. They smell horrible. I’m sort of glad that VW more or less killed diesels in America, because I was horrified when gas stations started making pumps that sold both gasosine and diesel.