But as a ground rule, let’s all agree that no one should participate without first acknowledging that no one is going to change their opinions on this matter and there’s nothing to gain by getting aggressively confrontational and causing drama. I just think it would be nice to have a bit of an open forum on this.

Background: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/07/business/google-women-engineer-fired-memo.html


I’ll start by saying that I’m really ambivalent about this. I’ll cop to having very little patience for libertarian Silicon Valley bullshit, and as a luddite, I really cannot stand any aspect of that culture. When I hear people talk about the tech industry and disrupting and all of that, it’s like when people were trying to make D.C. a thing. It just makes me depressed.

Having read the entire memo, I also think that the author is a dipshit and probably completely obnoxious to be around. He makes some reasonable points that are easy to identify with if you’re open to them already, but then he follows up with shit like IQ being based on biology, “deemphasizing empathy,” and “men like things, women like people.” There’s an underlying sociopathy to the whole thing that is couched in what is presented in a reasoned and thoughtful argument for accepting unpopular views.


On the other hand.

I’m the last person to advocate firing people for expressing unpopular opinions, because I have a sense of self-preservation.


Also, as a somewhat old, I really, really hate the extreme direction that people who share my leftist politics have been heading in. I’m all for calling people out publicly and denouncing hateful or nasty views, but there’s been a move towards establishing an orthodoxy on the left for every view and opinion and punishing people for deviating from it. This is made worse by the fact that this orthodoxy doesn’t always seem to have been based on reality, but on social media.

On the other, other hand, he seems like a complete dipshit, and I’m an awful and bitter enough person that I can take joy out of seeing some concern troll get hoisted by their own petard, even if it’s somewhat tempered by serving to make them feel validated about their pathetic victim complex.