Lets hear your warning light opinions

My < 1 year old (~10k miles on the clock, services up to date) Mazda 3 threw a dash full of warning lights at me this morning: TPS, TCS, AT, Check Engine, Smart/City Braking (can’t remember what the difference is between the two).

The lights all came on when I got to the coffee shop this morning, came to a stop and put the car into reverse to get parked. I shut off the engine and then restarted it. All the warnings were gone except Check Engine.

My initial thought is it some sort of transient computer hiccup (transient computer hiccup meaning a computer glitch that occurred due to a brief, specific set of conditions... not a hiccup from a computer carrying a bindle) with the Check Engine warning being ‘sticky’ and thus the only warning that remained after stopping the engine.


Other than concern about what caused the hiccup, at this point I’m thinking unless something else comes up the CE light can probably be ignored with the hope that it will clear itself.


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