Hey guys, this is a local guy, I even took one of the pictures of his car. Jalopnik has found cars before, maybe we can do it again. Though this will be a hard one. :/

Here is the post from the local GN shop:

- ATTENTION - APB out for our beloved "New York" STOLEN from Tacoma Wa. this week! It's a fully converted 1985 GN running the 87 powertrain flying New York License plates # GAJ-1365. Identifying features: still has the chrome 85 grill, has the Torq Thrust wheels on all the way around with the drag radial on rims in truck/back seat, lowered with coil overs, smoked tail lights, the rear bumper fillers are in cracked and in bad shape, under hood is very clean and was last seen with Fuzzy Dice hanging from the rear view mirror. If anyone spots this car please call 911. Thanks! GN Northwest