Some tunes.

I’ve been seeing and thinking more and more about getting a Challenger SRT once time allows (which thanks to the best turn of events yesterday, might not be nearly as long as I thought thanks to a HECK of a deal in my future apartments which basically will run me half the cost) and I can sell my Z. The idea is to sell the nismo now or by December, have a decently cheap motorcycle to drive here and there since commuting to work I will be carpooling with the new roomie. So if all goes well in a years time exactly I should have enough saved for a down payment and no debt AT ALL. Even more stories have been popping up about the SRT/Scat pack and I realize how much I want that car.. it’s just the perfect car for fun long road trips which is what I love doing most.

Any SRT/S.P. owners speak up! I wanna hear from you.


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