****Update****: Since racing season is on, why not add your ideas for cars that would do well here.

Because nothing is better that naming something without reason, I present MSGR; the greatest racing event ever!

Rules of MSGR.

1. Teams, in total, can only have ten members

2. Teams can only spend a gran total of 15,705 dollars(300,000 MXN) and can only buy new cars, however, they are free to modify them as long as they don’t spend a single dime over 300,000.


3.teams only have two months to buy and work on their cars before the initial race.

4.MSGR will pay to fit the roll cage, racing gear, and for the racing stripes and graphics as teams wish.

5. The race will partake in a rally cross environment.

6. After each race, teams are awarded 1,000 dollars for repairs only.

Mexico is not exactly short of cars that are completely raceable!

Imagine racing with an MPV!
105 horsepower from a five speed manual box going to the fronts!
Really, all I want to see are some fucked up tsurus!
This might be the best VW to race with; having a 105HP engine just like the Vento.

Maybe you don’t want any of those cars, maybe you want some American power!

Showing off A/C in a MY 2018 car? Count me in!
maybe expensive, but a 120HP fiesta might pull the trick!
You can even get a fucking Cavalier! think of the nostalgia!
Perhaps a “truck” might suit you well

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