Let's paint shit!

Wooh! Kinja is workin’ wonders! So i thought I’d bring yall along on an oddly productive moment for me. The wifes RAV4 wheels need serious help. So i’m paintin’ today!


First order of business was to fire up the garage band. 102.3 open air in Colorado at the moment is pretty good.

Step one was to clean them. So I used Simple Green foaming bike wash because its great on dirty bike frames and easy to aggitate with a wheel brush and rinse. Dry. Then i attacked them with a wire wheel drill bit.

($exy tools are so sexy!) I did that and boy thats so much better on steel than liberally applied elbow grease. Of course elbow grease don’t do this:


No matter how sexy your tools, sometimes sexy hurts. That was just a brief and miniscule wire wheel scrape at that! (This pic is the day after.) I can’t imagine losing serious skin in a real shop accident. Anyway, I stood the tires up and whipped them with a towel since I dont yet have live air in my garage. I got a can of acetone (todays ACE store bought stuff is not really the full on acetone we had before.) and cleaned them up nice with blue paper towels. Then scuffed them with 320 grit sandpaper since were all out of scotch brite pads. That was yesterday.


Today i hit em with the prep-all and wiped crazy clean. Couldnt find my huge stash of index cards but did find an enormous stack of photo paper. (do they still give free packs of it with ink purchase?) They give more paper than the ink they sell can print! We’re never going to print that many pictures. But they make for great mask and blocking material. Taped the stems, and let em have it with primer.


Coat one. Primer is all kinds of flat so even coats are nice for looks, but primer? At least try for even just so it dries, um, evenly. Two coats of it 30mins apart and I should be able to paint in an hour or so.


I’m using an N95 breathing mask. I learned my lesson after painting the big green desk with 8 cans and blew green paint out my nose for a week after. Im disappointed they haven’t created a citrus or lemon scented mask cause the smell still gets in, just not the particulates.

Well see later today how they turn out in part 2!

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