Today in English class (AP Lang) we were given two approaches to the same topic: a teen asking his parents if he can purchase a car. I figured this example was pretty Jalop and relates to many people around my age. Here’s the exact scenario:

So, in the first paragraph the kid is a bit more logical and is open to three choices under $3K; in the second, he has his heart set on a Chevy. If I had $3K to spend on a car and had to convince my parents that it was a good choice, here is what I’d go with:


A pristine 1997 850R with 207K miles and boxy good wagon, but that barely detracts from the package, especially for $2.5K. Parents will like it because it’s a Volvo (= durable) and safe. I like it because Volvo and turbo! A second choice would be this wagon, but it seems more beat and at a higher price. Anyways, the question is:

What car would you buy for under $3K as a teen with parental considerations?