So the U.S. government has just passed a law (hypothetically). That allows each manufacturer to make and produce one “legacy” car. This legacy car can be any model, still in production or not, of any year without having to meet modern emissions, safety, etc. Also because it’s the glorious year of 2016, the company producing the car can update the car a little if you like. Either to fix a common issue it had, more power, or just minor stuff to make it more modern if you want.

Personally I’d say the Honda CRX Si. Largely because there legally can’t be anything like it on the road to day. You can push into prius territory economy wise if you’re easy on it and it’s a real hoot to drive. What’s not to love about it?Other than needing to come to grips with your early bird appointment with the grim reaper if you get into a fender bender with a modern Ford Fiesta? The only update I’d want for it is an OBD II port just to make it easier to troubleshoot.


Anyway, what cars would y’all like to see come back?

PS Also it doesn’t seem this posted the first time, but maybe it was just like that for me. So sorry if this is a repost.