Let's play a game

Hi fellow Oppos. Let’s play a game of Guess the Damage Cost.

A little backstory. My 2007 MDX got backed into in the parking lot. It was parked by a valet, and since the parking lot was full (hence the need for valet), the car was parked perpendicular to the parking spots, ouside of the marked lines. This lady was backing out of her parking spot (non-valet), and ran into my car. She tried to say that it was my fault for not parking in a designated parking spot (or the valets fault, if I didn’t park it). Whatever. She was wrong. Nothing gives her a right to back into a parked car, regardless of how the car is parked.

Anyways, the damage is not bad. And as a blessing in disguise, the rear door had been painted in the past (by a PO), and not buffed out as well as it should have been.


See pictures. There is a little dent there as well.

How much (of the lady’s insurance companies money) do you think fixing this costs?

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