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Let's Play a Game... UPDATE!!

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I have a collection of cars growing on my desk that conform to one very specific rule...


My collection is not complete, but with every one I add, fewer cars can qualify.

What is the rule?


That was pretty fast! I knew you Opponauts wouldn’t let me down. You have even highlighted rules I didn’t know I was following!


The winner is Highlander-Mazda now with rust! No two cars share the same engine configuration!

I don’t know how far I will take this. For example, would a GT350 Mustang fit because it’s not supercharged like the Z06, even though it’s a V8? What about a Ferrari 355, V8 but mid-engine? Or an Enzo? It’s a V12 but not transverse like the Muira? Thoughts?


Bonus points for everyone who called out the different decades! I didn’t event realize it, but will be sure to double-up in my next addition.

Thanks for playing!


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