It shall be called: "Is Orlove trolling Gamecat or were these honest mistakes?"

Round one. Orlove Posts an article about a Hyundai hitting the portable generator for charging Rod Millen's Toyota Electric Pikes Peak TMG EV P002 entry. Does not mention Rod Millen (who will be driving the vehicle affected), nor Rhys Millen (who is driving the Hyundai entry that set the overall record last year).

Round two. Gamecat's response. In which Gamecat points out the lack of driver information, which would potentially stop the conspiracy theory posts which occurred.

Round two - Bonus round. Gamecat bitches on oppo and changes his avatar back to the original avatar which it had always been up til he lost his shit like a little fanboy and adopted the new NIN artwork as his avatar when the new NIN was announced.

Round three. COTD. Raph chooses humorous post from initial article, refers to original article as "a Hyundai crashing into a power converter for Rhys Millen's electric Toyota Pikes Peak team." Defeats Gamecat easily. Perhaps without meaning to do so.

Consolation round, Gamecat points out Raph's errors... Then he bitches on oppo again (this post).

My vote is on honest mistakes... Which makes my over-reacting that much more amusing/sad.