UPDATE: UramboTauro wins it with 21 US MPG exact.

Yup, I’ve tallied up my fuel receipts and mileage over the past four weeks, and I’ve come up with a figure. First, some details to start you off:

Car: 1996 Ford Crown Victoria, 190 HP/265 lb-ft, 2.73 rear gears, 87 octane.

Commute: 12 km (7.45 miles) each way, usually takes 25 minutes in the morning and 20 in the afternoon. Mostly urban, with a good 8-9 minutes in the morning being stop and go, and 2-3 minutes of gridlock in the afternoon. Involves descending a mountain in the morning, and ascending it again in the afternoon.

Driving habits: Very gentle when engine is cold or in residential neighborhoods and school zones, I like to roll into it at low speeds once or twice every day to hear the engine sing, relatively spirited cornering means decent exit speeds. I haven’t done much driving other than my commute.


Now the rules are simple. Guess a figure, and specify the units (L/100km, US MPG, or Imperial MPG because some people are weird). Closest guess wins!