Let's play a game of would you rather....

A fellow gear head and I were discussing the recent purchase of a 911 Turbo with a salvage title. It lead to this interesting question:

If you were in the position to pick up your dream car. The one you have longed for since you were a child. The only condition is that in your price range your choices are limited to salvage titles. Do you pick one up with flood damage or one that was crashed?


Would you rather buy a car with a salvage title from a crash or water damage?

Assume you have the means to eventually deal with the issues associated with both. You may have to let the car sit while you scrape together the cash for repair bills, but you are allowed to do the work yourself.

Crash headaches or flood headaches?

Buying a shell that has a salvage title due to parts being stripped is not an option. That’s just cheating.


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