Inspired by Miss Mercedes recent acquisition of Phil I have come up with a bit of a game. Lets say that you have to replace your car today but you have to do so with its direct descendant. How do you configure it?

The car must be the direct new equivalent to your current car but not necessarily the same trim level (i.e if you had an Impreza you have to take a 2017 Impreza but it could be a WRX or STi if you choose). If the model of your car is now discontinued you should pick the car of the same type from the manufacturer (i.e small hatchback if your car is a small hatchback).

I’ll go first. I have a 2004 Mini Cooper R50. If I were to replace it with this:


F56 Cooper S, Chili Red, White roof and stripes, JCW aero kit. It would need some white wheels though.

What would you do?