So I just found this part sticker in my car, and decided to make a game out of it for you guys. A double game even!

First: What part from which car does this sticker belong to?

Second: What company does the logo next to the Renault logo belong to?

I only know the answer to one of these, so I’m curious to see if the Oppo hivemind is able to sort out both of them.


MontegoMan and bhtooefr found the answer to the first question simultaniously: the sticker belongs on the pedal cluster/set of a Renault Twingo II, which makes it obvious why I found it in the footwell of said car.


AuthiCooper1300 found the answer to the second question: the logo belongs to a parts supplier called Cimos (which is Slovenian, just like the Twingo). This was the question I didn’t know the answer to, so hats off to AuthiCooper1300!