So the new Arctic Monkeys album is out. Just started to get into it, so i don't want to talk about that just yet, however, it gave me an idea. You see i got all five of their albums - which is the easier part - and i am also quite open to listen to all five of them, because there is something on each i like. This is the hard part about those cold monkeys, but that's another story. However, i don't really have time to listen to all five albums uninterrupted... only if i'm on the road.

So let's play a game! These five albums, which is, give or take some B-sides etc is the AM discography, is 59 tracks. Let's say all are 3:00 minutes - because they are around that, all of them - this gives me 177 minutes drive. That puts me fair and square in the middle of Vienna, if i start from my front door in Budapest.

Wanna play? Choose a band you are willing to listen to for hours on end, add up the discography, and let's see how far you get! GO!!!