Not my van, but hoo boy that’s a weird color.

On Friday my work van hit 120k miles, and it celebrated the milestone by making me take it into the shop for repairs on Monday. Now, I know this is going to sound insane, but it’s the first mechanical problem I’ve had whatsoever since new. I’ve put all but maybe 50 of the miles on it in two years.

So, what broke on it? Here’s a couple vague hints... the failure did not leave me stranded, it did not result in any warning lights, and it only took a day to fix.


Edit: I feel like I should give another hint or two. It was something mechanical, and it involved the front end. (No, the front didn’t fall off.)

Edit: I'm going to bed now, so I guess I'll just give the answer now... it was the driver's side front wheel bearing. Nothing like the sound of a low flying airplane following you to ruin your day. It's all fixed now.

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