As I suspected last night, my alternator (or voltage regulator) is only putting out just over 10.3 volts. This is just enough voltage to keep the v10 engine running, but with a lot of alarms and sub systems shutting down and making the car appear to have all kinds of majorly expensive things wrong with it. Not that the alternator will be cheap, but hey, it’s a known quantity.

The problem is that the closest dealer is about 20-50 minutes away depending on traffic. So here’s my plan to try to avoid a tow truck: I’m charging this battery up as best I can and then making a run for it. I should get there just fine. If I don’t, no big deal as AAA to the rescue, and BMW already has a nice loaner car waiting for me, so expect a review of a 428i Xdrive shortly.

For those of you keeping score, yes, I have two BMWs in the shop at the same time. Keeping April 1st “real” this year :/