I am not in the market for a car. But I will be! In approximately...2 years. Because I like to think about hypothetical car purchases, let's play a the old car suggestions game. I want something with the following criteria:

Sunroof, targa or convertible—I need to tan my bald spot.

RWD and possibly AWD depending on the car.

Manual transmission, or if flappy paddles, must have be good flappy paddles.

Doesn't have to be particularly new or reliable since it won't be my only vehicle, but I also don't want to sink massive piles of cash into it.

Reasonably quick. Like 14 second 1/4 mile at the slowest.

No air-cooled 911s.

Not overly heavy, try to keep it 3500 lbs or less.

Budget of $25-30k, in spring of 2017. If the car itself doesn't cost that much, that's fine.


Some ideas to get your brain juices flowing include: