Lets play "what broke on aperson's car now"

I went out at about 11am to start dissembling the suspension in preparation for tuesday. It went about as well as I would of thought. Lots of rusty and tight bolts. Took me a few good hours to get the rear springs and shocks out. I ended up having to remove the entire “T-bar” assembly from the car since every other method wasn’t working, I tried compressing the springs and trying to remove the though-bolt in the diff.

So after I got those out, I was pretty pumped, I knew the front would be easier since I’ve done the exact same setup on the jag. Boy was I wrong, went to jack up the driverside spring pan to put a little bit of weight on it and then all of a sudden I hear a “crack” and see rust falling to the floor. I lowered the jack slower than a tortoise with 1.76 rear-end gears, look under the car and see this greeting me.


So then I try the passenger side, no breaking this time BUT there’s this nut which i’m 95.6% sure is not supposed to be there holding the last stud in for the spring pan. So ya I’m in a little of an angsty mood.

Just to humor you guys here’s the shocks I pulled off. The three black ones are OEM and the one blue one is a sachs. I felt like richard hammond when he had the M3 in one of the cheap car challenges.

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