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Lets Revive Saab!

I think deep down in every true Jalop’s heart lies the essence of Saab. They made fun, quirky, efficient, awesome cars. They were truly ahead of the times. Now every car is turbocharged, small displacement, low drag coefficient, and ultra safe. Saab has been doing that for over 35 years. They were truly ahead of their time, and their full potential wasn’t realized by GM. Its passing is the saddest, in my eyes, since the fall of Studebaker. Lets bring them back!

I think to start we need to think of a good ethos, a rock solid foundation that the brand sticks with though the times and build on. I think they started with a pretty good set of guidelines to live by: Safety and fuel efficiency.


Put any ideas in the comments, (it doesn’t have to be about values) if you have any idea about how to go through with this or connections thats great too.

Here is some inspiration:

Did you know that they stamped the entire body all at once and then cut the doors and hood out?


The three Sonetts




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